You all better hurry up to crib45 myspace page, becouse there is 2 new songs on the new player... also you should read their blog about those songs, but in short sentence it's somethin like this: songs are preview from their preproduction demos.


Band have once again updated their myspace page with new blog! Something interesting again in there, so surf there and see what I mean!


Couple of new blogs have once again shown to band myspace thing... Mostly about recording new stuff and things around it! There is real interesting things, so check it out!


There is a new blog about the band situation on their myspace page, so click yourself there and read more about it!


Band have posted new blog on their myspace page about the situation of the band, and here it is:
"The tryouts are over and we have found a new drummer. We welcome Jussi Yrttiaho to our group.We are feeling really optimistic right now, since Jussi fit the group right away and was pretty much one of the guys straight from the first tryout. Now there's our gig in Nightlife Rock and after that we'll propably start focusing on studio for awhile. It would be great to finally get our current music recorded and released to people. Also new promo pictures would be more than welcome.


If you did miss crib45 at Alliance Fest? Then you can find links to YouTube And MySpaceTV on media section, and watch the whole show that way!


Okay summer is almost gone and it is time to be active here again! First there is new shows coming so look them up at shows section.
Also i did forget to put here some time ago one review of the gloria night... so here it is: Get In The Pit


New review of alliance fest is up at Stalker Magazine!

More things going on at the band and here is the statment of it:
"Crib45 has parted ways with their drummer Henri. Band will begin the search for permanent replacement later while band's trusted sessionist Juuso Jauhianen, who also was handling the drums in Tavastia & Hevimesta early '06, will serve as temporary replacement. Crib45 would like to thank Henri for his time and effort and wishes him all the best in the future, no hard feelings bro' -Spinal Crib"


There is a nice review of Alliance Fest evening in finnish at desibeli, so go read it!

Teemu has asked to place this announcement here:

"Some good news and some bad news from Crib45 camp. Starting with good news: Crib45's past keyboard player Maija might be rejoining the band as a part-time member and will be handling keyboard and backing vocal duties in studio sessions and part of Crib45's gigs. Same time band will take a short break from doing live shows since our brother Pasi is forced to step down from bass duties for a undetermined time due to family reasons. We will not try to replace something that simply can't be replaced so this was our unanimous decision to take a break from live shows. Our thoughts were that without Pasi there is no Crib45. Band will continue to make new material during this break and we have high hopes that after this summer/autumn we are ready to hit the stages again. We are not done, we are merely just getting started and this break is only temporary and only affects liveshows. We are planning to hit the studios straight after Pasi's return and now we are focusing on that goal. We will give more info on that later when everything gets settled. We'll keep you posted. -Crib45"

Update: At last there is some pictures from tavastia show over year ago and you can find them on media section!! Evelina Makowska have taken those pictures, so big thanks for her and also I'm sorry that it have taken so long!


Just to remind you all that on saturday is time for Alliance Fest at Gloria!!! Great bands and all the fun with cheap price! You can see time table for the band on alliance fest myspace page. But basicly first band starts early as 19:55 and final act starts on 00:15... So everyone remember to be on time there!
I'm making new design to the page at the moment, so if any ideas to it, just put some mail to me and i'll see if I will do something with those ideas...


There have been added one show to 13.04.2007 at corner. Other band that night is The Broken Sun. Showtime starts at 20:00!


Alliance Fest have been moved week earlier, so the new day is 19.05.2007... This also means little changes in line up. Hevein must cancell becouse they are at Holland on that time... but Callisto will join the fest to fill the space!


At least I did have fun at Liberté show, and you may see some of it too... Just go to media section! Those liberté videos can also be found on youtube.
Set list did look like this:
1. zahir
2. as i
3. suffer
4. halo
5. requiem
6. et in arcadia ego
7. beyond the reach of repair
8. can't believe


More news about shows... There have been added one more date to show pages... On 26.05.2007 at Gloria is going to be Alliance Fest and there is more cool bands, so check it out!
I'm also doing new design for these pages, so if you have any ideas you like to share, just shoot me ;)


First news at this year... There is going to be show on tuesday 13.02.2007 at Club Liberté. More info at the shows section, so take a look from there!

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